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Waarom kiezen voor China?

  • China is booming. De economie ontwikkelt zich razendsnel, Chinezen staan open voor nieuwe ontmoetingen. Be part of it.
  • Reizen, werken of studeren in China vereist zelfredzaamheid en is mede daardoor ideaal voor ontwikkeling van diverse competenties.
  • China is enorm. En enorm divers. Ontdek metropolen en onontgonnen terreinen binnen één bestemming.

Waarom kiezen voor China Inside?

  • Sterke nadruk op culturele ontdekkingen en achtergronden bij Chinese tradities
  • Ervaren Nederlandse initiatiefneemster die al sinds 1992 woont, leeft, reist en werkt in China
  • Eigenaresse is op haar terrein een autoriteit, China kenner en wordt vaak en graag uitgenodigd als gastspreker of delegatie begeleider
  • Betrokkenen spreken vloeiend Chinees en goed Engels en kennen uiteraard de weg in China
  • Alles onder één dak: taalschool en tour agency in eigen beheer, projecten, werkmogelijkheden, zakelijke services.

General conditions China Inside

By applying, making a booking, participating or transferring money with/to China Inside

you agree with following general conditions:


In these general conditions ‘China-Inside’ and ‘we’ / ‘us’ refer to China-Inside B.V. in Heerhugowaard, the Netherlands. The terms ‘client’ or ‘you’ / ‘your’ in these general conditions refer to the person who made the booking with China-Inside B.V. and / or the actual person participating in any of the programs or services of China-Inside. When is spoken about the ‘total invoice sum’ in these general conditions this refers to the total price of the course, accommodation, cultural program and other services. These General Conditions are valid for all bookings made with China-Inside.

Establishment of agreement

Enrollment in the programs of China-Inside is done either by filling in the internet form or by sending us the enrollment request by e-mail. All enrollments are subject to these General Conditions, which become  legally binding on confirmation of acceptance of the enrollment by China-Inside. China-Inside reserves the right to withhold confirmation of an enrollment if it is deemed necessary.


The enrollment fee is 35 €. Latest two weeks after sending the confirmation of the enrollment China Inside must have received a first payment of 100 €. The remaining amount of the total invoice sum must have been received by China-Inside at latest 4 weeks before the start of the course or accommodation. Enrollment within 4 weeks of departure should be paid by the participant directly after reception of the confirmation and invoice of the booking.

Any bank charges for the payments are the responsibility of the participant.

If the complete payment has not been received by China-Inside before the start of the course, China Inside and its Chinese partner organization reserve the right to withhold execution of the clients booking until full payment has been received by China-Inside. Given the agreement, the total invoice sum still needs to be paid by the client. After reception of the total invoice sum the client can be admitted to the program. However, any lost classes or activities due to late payment will not be reimbursed or compensated at a later stage.

No compensation, fee reductions, refunds, credit, additional lessons or extension of a course or program can be given for: services or facilities included in the booking and not used; late arrival, absence or early departure from a course or program; and days when the partner organization closes the school because of official holidays.

Travel information

About one week before departure all travel information will be sent to the participant, if and only if all required payments have been received by China-Inside.


Clients can request changes in their booking. If possible these will be implemented. The change fee is 35 € per change, except for extensions of a program.


In case of cancellation a written notice should be given to China-Inside. When the participant cancels the agreement completely or partly, the following compensations for costs made by China-Inside should be paid by the participant:

  • Cancellation until 31 days before start: 20% of the total invoice sum
  • Cancellation between 15 and 31 days before start: 30% of the total invoice sum
  • Cancellation between 14 and 2 days before start: 55% of the total invoice sum
  • Cancellation within 2 days of start or after start: 100% of the total invoice sum


Any complaints about the programs or accommodation need to be notified immediately to the Chinese partner organization. In case the Chinese partner organization doesn’t solve these complaints to the client’s satisfaction, the client needs to contact China-Inside immediately, in order to enable China Inside to contact the Chinese partner organization for mediation.

Of any complaint that hasn’t been resolved locally by the Chinese partner organization a written notice has to be submitted to China-Inside within two weeks of finishing the program. China-Inside will consider the complaint and report back within six weeks.

Only complaints that have been notified first and directly to the Chinese partner organization will be taken into consideration.


China-Inside recommends that all students take out a travel and medical insurance policy in their home countries. If students are participating in the excursions booked through China-Inside or locally at the partner organization, they have the responsibility to ensure that their travel or medical insurance policy covers the activity or sport in which they are participating.

China-Inside, its Chinese partner organizations, its  Representatives, staff and any individual affiliated to its activity will not be liable for any loss, damage, illness or injury to persons (including the client) or property however caused. It is the client’s responsibility to  have personal insurance against all such risks, including inability to attend or continue a program or course and insurance for the payment of medical expenses. China-Inside and/or its Chinese partner organization cannot be liable for any insurance claim whatsoever. Any lack of proper insurance is the sole responsibility of the client.

Unavoidable Circumstances

China-Inside and / or any of its partner organizations will not be in any way liable to the client in the event of any booked and confirmed service becoming impossible to deliver by reason of force majeure, e.g. war, civil strife, industrial dispute or any other cause outside their control.


China-Inside is an intermediate that arranges the bookings and reservations. Therefore the execution of the agreement is for risk and account of the local partner organization. In case of any problems we act as a mediator.

China-Inside is not responsible for obvious printing errors that may appear or for errors in publications by China-Inside or by third parties.


The student will be charged for the replacement of items broken either intentionally or through negligence. In high season or in other exceptional circumstances the accommodation as shown in the information may be substituted by another accommodation at a corresponding price.


In high season or in other exceptional circumstances some classes may be given outside of the main school building. In high season or in other exceptional circumstances the timetable for classes may be extended to 9 pm. The arrangement for the class timetable is up to the local partner organization. In case of too few students of the same level, the group course is replaced by an individual course, where two lessons of the group course are replaced by one individual lesson, distributed over 4 days of classes per week instead of over 5 days.

Volunteer projects

The final decision regarding the acceptance of the client in a project will be taken by the volunteer host organization and all placements are subject to change. The final contract between the volunteer host organization and the client will be signed upon arrival in Beijing. It is not possible to change projects (that is, go and work on another project) once you have started unless you have irreconcilable problems on your first project. Placement in a second project cannot be guaranteed. Placement in a second project means having to pay the volunteer fee for the second project as well.


It is the client’s sole responsibility to comply with all regulations concerning passport validity, visa validity, customs and health regulations. Non-compliance with these regulations and any costs that might be  incurred due to this are the client’s responsibility. Furthermore, it is the client’s sole responsibility to obtain the required documents, such as visas. However, China-Inside is always available for inquiries about issues concerning Chinese visa.

School regulations

On confirmation of acceptance of the client’s enrollment the client also accepts and complies with the rules and regulations of the local partner organizations, and the laws of the PR of China. If a client does not comply with these rules and regulations China-Inside and its partner organizations reserve the right to cancel the execution of the agreement with immediate effect (e.g. for racism, a serious disciplinary offence, bad behavior, verbal abuse of staff or other course participants, drug abuse, violations of the laws of the PRC, etc.) and expel the client from the school, accommodation, volunteer work, etc. The course fees will not be reimbursed. Possible surcharges, e.g. additional airport transfer charges, will be invoiced to the client who will have no right to later claims.


China-Inside reserves the right to use all possible photos taken by its partner organizations during the client’s stay unless the client refuses permission.

Validity of conditions

These conditions of booking are valid from January 1 st, 2008 and are subject to Dutch law.

Beijing Time:

28 januari 2017 is het jaar van de Haan begonnen!

Discover China from the Inside!

Join JoHo! Steun als donateur JoHo & China Inside, en laat JoHo jou steunen!Met taalcursussen, tours, excursies en activiteiten leer je meer over de culturele achtergronden en tradities van China. Wil je zelf zelf aan de slag volg dan een workshop, ga lesgeven of lever een bijdrage aan een ontwikkelingsproject. De Business Services bedienen de zakelijke klant of startende ondernemer die actief is (of wordt) in booming China. Iedereen met plannen voor een lang verblijf in China wordt wegwijs gemaakt met de Live Abroad Desk. China Inside is het support center voor JoHo donateurs met vele extra's, keuzehulp, advies en kortingen.

Prijzen op deze website zijn deels in rmb/yuan. De uiteindelijke prijs wordt na boeking omgerekend in euro's naar de op dat moment geldende koers. Prijsinformatie is geldig onder voorbehoud van fouten en wijzigingen.